Website Questionnaire

Please complete the form below in as much detail as possible.

In order to design and build an effective website, we need to know quite a bit of information. The more questions we ask, the more we’ll understand about you, your business and your objectives.

If would prefer to supply this information in another way, we can send you a document to fill in or give you a call and run through on the phone – just let us know what’s best for you.

Anything you tell us here is treated in the strictest confidence. We don't share information submitted on this form with anyone.
Is your old one a little dated? Do you want to improve your Search Engine rankings? Do you need to improve your conversion rate?
It might be to get more sales or communicate to your audience in a better way or simply to look more professional than your previous site. Anything you can think of.
You don't have to provide a figure here, but doing so will help us understand how we can best help you.
A site map, in it's most basic form, is just a list of pages on your site.
Our sites don't limit you to a set number of pages, but we need to know how many we are starting with.
Sometimes clients have the content ready, so we produce initial concept designs from actual content. Other projects see us produce designs first with our clients then producing content to fit the layout.
Do you have any existing marketing collateral that the site design needs to work with, do you have branding and a logo etc?
For example, do you want people to be able to log in or have a document library or other key things specific to your business?
Anything else about the new site that you think we should know about?
Please provide at least 3 website links that you like the design of.
Please include their website addresses - we can run some tests on their website to see what keywords they are ranking for.
SEO is generally best done on live sites so you can get real-time results on how successful it is. If you need help with ongoing SEO, we can discuss this with you at various stages of the project.
Please use this field to tell us anything else about the project that might not be covered by the other questions.
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